Do IT Now – Germany Announced

We are thrilled to unveil the opening of Munich-based, Do IT Now Germany.

Do IT Now Germany is the second company operating under the Do IT Now brand, following the very successful French company launched in 2020. The new company will address the German market while unlocking growth potential in Northern Europe.

Marco Merkel portrait

Marco Merkel, an HPC/AI veteran, and well known as former ThikParQ Vice President World Wide Sales and Consulting, has been appointed as the company CEO.

“I am excited to join this innovative and progressive team, and I eagerly anticipate introducing our one-of-a-kind, dynamic approach to the industry in northern Europe.”

With Marco’s background and expertise, Do IT Now Germany is uniquely positioned for national and international growth in the HPC and AI sectors. The establishment of a strong presence in Germany, mainland Europe’s largest market, will propel the Do IT Now to grow its presence in the big and challenging EMEA HPC market.
The European HPC market expanded by 13.9% in 2021, with a blend of public and private funding in supercomputing projected to reach €7 billion by 2027.