Maximum HPC Cloud Flexibility – Solution Brief

Hybrid multi-cloud HPC

Are you looking for an on-demand cloud-based HPC Solution, that allows maximum flexibility by allowing you to use multiple service providers in parallel?
We have developed a multi-cloud solution to meet this specific need.

How it works

Our solution leverages the Altair® PBS Works™ platform, putting it at the centre of an HPC infrastructure capable of integrating multiple cloud platforms simultaneously.
We analyse and benchmark your software and your workflow against the different cloud platforms, and highlight the most efficient and effective software/cloud combinations in terms of cost/performance. Based on the results of these benchmarking activities, we then implement and optimise the multi-cloud solution of your choice.

Why choosing and hybrid multicloud solution

  • Minimise the impact of any potential lock-in mechanism put in place by the cloud providers.
  • Maximise the ROI in software and compute nodes.
  • Our solution is optimized for both hybrid and cloud environments.
  • Leverage always the most effective and efficient cloud platform for your software and workloads
  • Maximise the ROI of your software licenses

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