Reducing downtime, Gaining scalability – Case Study

Sanofi©’s Worldwide Integrated Statistical Environment (WISE) Platform has been built as the company’s statistical computing environment for clinical and non-clinical R&D, CMO (chief medical office) and IA (Industrial Affairs).
The platform counts 6,000+ users worldwide with 24/7 support. Today, it is mainly used within the process of submissions to health authorities to obtain their agreement for selling new drugs or vaccines on the market. As such, WISE is a critical tool in the race to submissions and needs to ensure GxP compliancy. After more than 10 years in operation, the WISE platform needed an upgrade in order to deliver the level of service required by Sanofi.

Discover how Do It Now team migrated Sanofi’s WISE platform in the cloud, allowing Sanofi to levergae up to 10 time more compute power, without experiencing any downtime after the migration.

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