Do IT Now takes care of the complete installation of the clusters: both the infrastructure (on premise, cloud, or both) and the set of programs needed for its management.

Project implementation

Do IT Now also offers its expertise in project management and the necessary technical effort for the planning and execution of HPC related activities for specific Client’s requirements.

Infrastructure installation

Do IT Now carries out the installation of computer clusters paying attention to all the details that make up the solution. We wire in a structured way, label and generate documentation about the installation thinking about its later maintenance, since we know the inherent problems in supporting a badly installed and wired system. Our experience in this field leads us to save time and money in the future maintenance of the equipment.

Do IT Now makes available to its Clients the advanced capabilities of its service engineers in the installation of hardware in the Data Processing Centre.


Do IT Now also accompanies its Clients on their journey to the Cloud. With strong partnerships with leading Cloud providers and highly qualified and certified people, we help our Clients to identify which workloads are suitable for the Cloud and how they can be moved. We then compare them and validate their technical and operational feasibility, before moving on to the production of bespoke “HPC in the Cloud”, taking into account data movement and computing needs in a single or multi-cloud environment.

SW installation

Do IT Now performs the installation of the software necessary for the correct functioning of an HPC system, from the OS to the end user application. We carry out the installation and optimisation of scientific and engineering applications in any computer system. In the case of open source applications, we take special care to compile them with the most efficient tools, mathematical libraries and compilation options. For commercial applications, we leverage our 30 years of experience to optimize the runtime configuration and achieve the best performance.

We are able to improve the performance and scalability of any scientific and engineering software on a specific architecture by optimising the application.

Professional Services

Do IT Now has a wide knowledge of new hardware technologies and new software strategies, which allow us to provide you with the best solutions to advance in your work. We are agnostic both in the selection of hardware and software. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer. This allows us to select the best solution for the client and also participate in public tenders as independent consultants.

Before designing a hardware solution, we analyze the code to be executed by carrying out representative benchmarks in different configurations. Based on the results, we make a market study to offer the best value that meets all the requirements.


Do IT Now offers various training opportunities focusing on a variety of topics to support engineers and researchers in using an HPC solution in the most efficient way. Over the last 30 years, we have acquired extensive experience in the tools for configuring, managing and using the most advanced supercomputing systems. Do It Now makes its knowledge available to its Clients through a wide range of consulting services and specialised training paths. 

Our courses are divided into various training modules that can be configured according to the needs of the Client, who can organise – together with us – a course à la carte. The training courses can be online and/or in person, and a full virtual testing environment is provided, which can be used later on after the course has been completed.

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