Do IT Now can provide Consulting in a convenient and flexible way with a wide range of possible activities. From the design and implementation of a new HPC solution, to the assessment and optimization of the Client’s existing HPC infrastructure. The Do IT Now professional services program draws on a wealth of resources—our team’s technical acumen, industry expertise, and extensive experience with a broad range of technologies.

One of the distinguishing features of Do IT Now is that we are experts in both the IT and user’s needs. We have full confidence in the HPC, AI, Cloud and Big Data solutions we master: we know that they will meet the Client’s expectations.

HPC Cloud Study, HW and SW Assessment.

Solution Design

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of new hardware technologies and new software strategies, Do It Now can offer the best solutions to advance in the Client’s work. We are agnostic in the selection of hardware, cloud and software. Therefore, not being linked to any specific manufacturer allows us to select the best solution for the Client or to participate in public tenders as independent consultants.

Before designing a hardware solution, we analyse the code to be executed by performing representative benchmarks in different configurations. Based on the results, we carry out a market study to offer the best value that meets all requirements.

HPC Environment Audit

Do IT Now has a wide knowledge of HPC infrastructures, which allows us to audit the Client’s HPC environment and propose optimisation directions. These improvements are based on well-defined audit methodologies and HPC environment analysis tools that provide figures and key performance indicators (KPIs) on the use of the resources. This provides in-depth knowledge of the Client’s HPC usage and produces recommendations on how to better use the resources or make them evolve.

We can then implement such recommendations and evolutions, allowing the Client to get the most of its HPC clusters.

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