Computer simulations are an increasingly necessary tool in production processes, both in public and private organisations and companies, in science and engineering. 

The objective of the constitution of Do IT Now is to accompany the Client in the process of selection and implementation of the infrastructure that best meets its computing needs. The HPC tools we implement facilitate the management of computing machines, obtaining the maximum possible performance and guaranteeing data security.

Do IT Now provides turnkey HPC solutions consisting of an optimal combination of hardware and software that allows users to use it as a single tool that will improve their daily work.

We design, supply, install and maintain all the necessary infrastructure and software to have a computer cluster always ready. 

We offer solutions such as (without excluding tailored designs):

  • Infrastructure
    • HPC Cluster
    • HPC Workstation
    • HPC Cloud
  • Cluster Management Tools
    • OpenHPC 
    • xCAT
    • Warewulf
    • Bright Cluster Manager
    • CMU
    • CCME
    • MS HPC Pack 
  • SDS Distributed File Systems
    • Lustre
    • IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
    • BeeGFS
    • Ceph
  • Containers & Virtualization
    • Singularity
    • VMWare
    • KVM
  • Batch scheduler
    • SLURM
    • Maui/Torque
    • PBS 
    • LSF
  • Monitoring & Alerts
    • Ganglia
    • Nagios
    • HPC Efficiency Dashboards
    • Licenses Monitoring
    • Grafana
    • Kibana
  • Middleware 
    • Mathematical libraries
    • Parallel tools
    • Analyze-IT & Predict-IT software families
  • Debuggers, Profilers & Development tools
    • ARM
    • Scalasca
    • V-Tune
  • Final applications 
    • More than 200 references
  • User’s tools
    • NICE DCV
    • Citrix
    • VMWare Horizon
    • EnginFrame
    • PBS Access
    • Launcher tools
    • OpenOnDemand
  • Vulnerability assessment tools
    • OpenVAS
    • Nessus

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