Whether in HPC systems or in high-availability clusters, correct data storage is a critical component in achieving high performance.  At Do IT Now, we design and develop solutions related to this issue, and we advise on the most suitable model (SAN, NAS, DAS) and the most appropriate file system according to the Client’s needs. We take care of its installation and optimisation to obtain the maximum performance.

We have experience in parallel file systems, which allows us to obtain easily scalable solutions, both in space and bandwidth and IOPS. We also provide technical support for the most common parallel file systems used in supercomputers, such as BeeGFS, Lustre and GPFS.

We design, provide, install and maintain all the hardware and software necessary to run a storage system. 

We propose solutions such as (without excluding tailored designs):

  • Infrastructure
    • Storage servers
    • Cloud Storage
  • Parallel File Systems
    • BeeGFS
    • Lustre
    • Spectrum Scale 
    • Ceph
    • HDFS
  • NVMe over fabrics
    • Excelero
  • File Systems
    • NFS
    • S3
    • SMB

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