Do IT Now is the European alliance that brings HPC services to the next level.

Do IT, from Italy, HPCNow!, from Spain, and UCit, from France, came together to push the limits of High Performance Computing. Do IT Now has been created to be the market leader and to offer the best solutions to our Clients. We share a passion and enthusiasm for facing new challenges of HPC technologies together. Do IT Now deal with the complexity to give simple solutions to scientists and engineers.

The real value we offer is a deep understanding of the most advanced technologies in HPC, along with high quality customer and user support. We offer solutions for different IT sectors like Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing or storage.


Do IT Now is an alliance of 3 companies: Do IT, HPCNow! and UCit. This greatly increases our potential, working together to offer a wide range of solutions and new HPC applications in different areas. We have more than 30 years of experience providing HPC solutions in the fields of science and engineering, and we can provide more than 80 high skilled HPC engineers.

It seems a long time since the 80’s and 90’s, when the owners of the first supercomputers were mainly

public entities such as universities, research centres, or the military. Now their use in the private sector has grown significantly. Thus, HPC has become a highly valuable, even indispensable tool in many important companies in industries such as defence, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and/or aerospace.

Nowadays, Do IT Now offers expertise and knowledge with the aim of helping customers to get the most out of HPC technologies by providing simple and efficient supercomputer usage.


Our aim is to be at the forefront of HPC, anticipating the future.

With confidence, strength and imagination, we work hard to improve the performance of our Clients’ systems. The world of HPC is rapidly evolving and we want to lead the way in High Performance Computing. We, at Do IT Now, are uniquely positioned to face the new challenges as we move into the future. Times are changing, we evolve to be at the cutting edge of HPC.

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We focus on your needs,
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We have all the experience and know-how acquired during all these past years from the clients of the three companies, Do It, HPCNow! and UCit. Our clients come from fields as varied as:

Research Pharma Automotive Aeronautical Energy Banking

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