Do IT Systems, HPCNow! and UCit create a joint venture to be the forefront of HPC: Do IT Now

Montpellier, November 4th 2020 — Three European experts in the HPC services and solutions market have united their efforts in order to push the limits of HPC. Do IT Systems, from Italy, HPCNow!, from Spain, and UCit, from France, have come together to include in the market a portfolio of services and turnkey solutions that can satisfy any need in the HPC field. The result is Do IT Now, a European alliance that will bring HPC services to the next level.

Do IT Now has been created to offer the experience of more than 30 years and unique know-how. The ultimate aim is to help customers to get the most out of HPC technologies by providing efficient and straightforward supercomputer usage. The deep understanding of the most advanced HPC technologies, along with high-quality customer service and outstanding and reputed user support, are the real value that Do IT Now is making available to the HPC community.

For Do IT Systems and HPCNow!, this joint venture represents a horizontal expansion, simply providing the same services in a wider geographical area. For UCit, on the other hand, it constitutes a vertical expansion since the portfolio of software and solutions developed by UCit will be more naturally integrated into the complete services offered by its partners. In spite of this alliance, each company maintains its own identity, keeping its customers and the contracts they are currently working on.

The Do IT Now team is formed by highly qualified professionals coming from the three companies, including more than 80 high skilled HPC engineers, computational scientists, and HPC solutions architects. This company offers a wide experience providing HPC solutions in the fields of science and engineering. Moreover, their wide experience in many other fields allows them to find the best solution for each client as well as to supply the best service in areas such as cluster design, supercomputer administration, user support, and much more.

With all the experience and know-how acquired during all these past years from the clients of the three companies, Do IT Now is in a privileged position to offer solutions for different IT sectors like Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, or storage. Do IT Now deals with the complexity of giving simple solutions to scientists and engineers from fields as varied as research, pharma, genomics, automotive, aerospace, energy, or banking, among many others.

The passion and enthusiasm for facing new challenges of HPC technologies that Do IT Systems, HPCNow! and UCit share, have resulted in a joint venture to provide advanced supercomputing services for scientists and engineers, offering their clients turnkey solutions and technologies for dealing with the most complex problems in HPC. 

Do IT Now, welcome to the next stage of HPC!


Do IT Systems is an Italian company focused on High Performance Computing services, it deals with technologies used by computers/clusters to create processing systems capable of providing high performance. Do IT  offer their HPC knowledge to companies during the design and implementation phase with software cluster setup and integration, as well as full support, monitoring, and tailored HPC/Linux Training. The company is also specialized in Cloud Solution Design for HPC and in Artificial Intelligence infrastructures. Do IT teams are made up of HPC experts, ICT experts, and License manager support/monitoring experts. The story of Do IT is characterized by steady growth; this allows Do IT to be structured to meet the increasing market demands.

HPCNow! is a Spanish company with a wide, solid, and well-recognized experience in the HPC field, which provides its customers with solutions and technologies for dealing with the most complex problems in HPC. The company has experts in several fields, capable of providing services and solutions which cover multiple areas such as cluster design, supercomputer administration, and user support. The company’s core values are a deep understanding of the most advanced technologies in HPC, along with extensive experience in customer and user support.

UCit is born in a world where HPC is a Service. The company helps public and private organizations of all sizes to access and use seamlessly HPC resources on-premises, on HPC Centers, or on public clouds.  UCit develops data-analysis (Analyze-IT) and machine learning (Predict-IT) software tools to understand how to optimize on-premises HPC usage and to define which workload can move to the Public Cloud and at which cost. UCit is a new kind of HPC Solution Provider that focuses on usage rather than the technology itself.